CheerpJ Java Swing client demo

These demos show how any complex Swing application can run unmodified as a browser-based Web application. In these demos, 100% of the Java client is running browser-side, with no server component other than a regular HTTP server.

The four demos below are standard example applications of the Swing graphics toolkit, a GUI system fully implemented in Java which does not depend on any system-specific component. Swing was designed to provide a consistent look and feel across devices and operating systems, and still enjoys a large popularity within legacy Java applications.

CheerpJ can be used to convert any Swing application directly from its original .jar archive. Since CheerpJ provides a full Java SE runtime environment compiled from OpenJDK, the look and feel of a Swing application running on the browser with CheerpJ will be identical to that on a JVM. An example of how to convert a Java Swing application into JavaScript with CheerpJ is provided here.

The applications below (each demo corresponds to an independent application) were converted from the original Java applications found here.

When loading this demo page for the first time, selected components of the CheerpJ runtime are downloaded automatically, corresponding to approximately 15 MB of data. When each application is run, the corresponding .jar archive and converted JavaScript code are downloaded, as well as any further component of the runtime or library required by the application.

After the first application is loaded, you will notice that the following ones will take significantly less time to download and run. This is due to the fact and all required runtime modules are already cached and initialized and only the application-specific .jar and JavaScript code are downloaded.

Click the buttons below to start any demo. Please note that if this is you first CheerpJ demo, there will be an initial download of approximately 15 MB.

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