CheerpJ complex Java apps demo

Allowing to run complex legacy Java applications on web browsers without requiring a local Java installation is the main focus of CheerpJ.

Over the last 20 years a huge amount of high-value Java applications and libraries have been produced, including business critical tools, scientific utilities and education content. Thanks to CheerpJ, their life and scope can be extended on any modern device.

These three demos, courtesy of our friends at PhET, illustrate the case of how complex legacy Java applications with multiple depedencies can be converted effortlessly to browser-based web applications with CheerpJ.

The applications are originally distributed as single .jar archives, which we converted directly with no modification, no access to the source, and no knowledge of their multiple dependencies (which include Swing, MongoDB, JFreeChart and Piccolo2D among others).

These demos are representative of how existing applications can be easily enabled on devices with no Java installation, such as tablets, smartphones and iOS devices.

Click the buttons below to start any demo. Please note that if this is you first CheerpJ demo, there will be an initial download of approximately 22 MB.